Performance Monitoring 2.0 – Let’s go!

I’ve been trying to start back blogging, and it took a great set of bloggers at VMware PEX this year to finally kick it off.  Their advice? Stick to what you know, build a little bit at a time and be informative.  So here we go.

I’ve been lucky enough to be in virtualization for about 10 years now, ESX 1.5 days for those keeping track, and before virtualization I was an IT administrator like most of you out there.  We did performance monitoring for our company with traditional tools like BMC, MOM/SCOM, perfmon/top and generic scripts to get what we needed.

The funny thing is, 10 years later and there are 100s of new tools, yet we still monitor performance mostly in the same way.  We present a layer of data to the user and they are left to make interpret that data and then perform an action.  Even today, with all our technology, performance monitoring is behind.  Why is 5% CPU ready bad?  What does it really mean and what should I do about it?  Do I even care about the 1000s of VMs that are healthy?

It’s long overdue that we change the way system administrators monitor performance.  My hope is to share with you my thought process on specific issues, surfacing the important data only, back that up with WHY it is bad and actually SHOW you the things that cause the pain and later on present PowerShell or other scripts that perform all of this.


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